We’re in a period of unparalleled behavioral change. Creativity and innovation can help
every business adapt to the new world.

We write creative copy. We make good shit!

Copywriting for websites

Whatever you’re selling—and however complicated it might be, your website is a swift and nimble sales engine. While you’re sleeping, it pulls off amazing feats, like making your clients feel thoroughly seen and understood. Or at least it could – if you have damn good copy!

Content Marketing & Writing

Content is king. Only marketing morons believe that no one reads long-form copy. People don’t read boring copy. The truth is, when it comes to making sales, long-form copy will beat short-form copy every single time. We can tell you without a shadow of doubt that long-form copy works.

With one caveat: The copy must be entertaining and engaging. So let us do it for you.

Who are you?

You’re an established global company or a startup and you need to connect with a wide audience. This connection includes improving your communication via emails, sending out
compelling press releases, reaching new clients via social media, writing up an irresistible website copy.

Overall, pimp your business copy in each direction.  And friends, that’s exactly where we come in.

Blog posts

Blog posts are great for ensuring your website is loaded with fresh content.

SEO copy

Probably one of the most important parts – getting found on search engines! We sort out all the keywords, meta descriptions & everything else for you.

Writing for social media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & all the rest…We've taken over clients' social media platforms and driven high engagement. We make sure that from the point of view of a social media presence, your affairs are in order.

Ecommerce content

You might be selling e-commerce products online. If that’s the case, you can use our copywriting selling system to go straight for the sale. Тhis is both your landing page and selling mechanism in one, so the highest priority is to create an irresistible intrigue!

Email marketing

If you master this, like really master this, you will create an email selling machine that has the potential of increasing sales for you (or your clients) that can add up to hundreds of millions of dollars.

But this doesn’t happen by accident. It takes effort, and most people have no idea how to secure this kind of relationship and friend-like bond. We do! The takeaway being, nothing will increase the amount of sales your emails bring in more than writing exciting and entertaining copy that spices up the dull life of your readers.

Good email copywriting is not super-dense technical stuff. The last thing we want is an overwhelming wall of text when someone opens your email. We want your emails to look approachable.

Sales Copy

Sales Trumps All. 

We believe this to be the number one rule in business. Sales trumps all. What is your biggest frustration and challenge? Is it ‘I wish someone
would just write this sales copy for me’? Hey, we got you covered! Let us do it masterfully for you.

Creative writing

…because stories are data with soul.


Hire Copywriters That Have Created Content for Over Thousands of Customers!

Why Should You Listen To A Single Word We Have To Say?

Great question. Let us preface this by explaining that the following information hasn’t been learned simply by sitting around philosophising on the subject of writing, sales, reading books, attending seminars, or watching YouTube videos and Masterclass. No. we’ve spent nineteen long years in the trenches, on the front lines ‘doing the work’, writing and teaching copywriting. Collecting battle scars to find out every secret technique in existence. If there was a rumour of a technique, even on the other side of the world, we hunted it down. If there was some hot shot claiming to be a master copywriter in some god-forsaken corner of the earth, we found them.


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My mission in life is to motivate as many people to produce writings they (and I) would enjoy reading I am a published novelist, and I lead various workshops in copywriting. Plus, I advise CEOs and their managers how to be better public speakers and writers – how to persuade, inspire, and be more creative in their communication.


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For the past 10 years I’ve been constantly working towards creating a better business environment using the latest tech trends and creating new ones. My special talents are in Brand Marketing, Brand Design, Brand Consulting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Enterprise Content Management, Content Strategy, Content Marketing